How does one make a latte at home with an AeroPress and AeroLatte?

A cup of latte is the best way to start your day. It’s a great mood booster too as you can try it in the evening if you had a tiring day. Even if you don’t have the best espresso machines at home to prepare a delicious cup of latte, you can simply make it through your AeroPress or AeroLatte. We provide you the step by step instructions of preparing homemade latte using AeroPress and AeroLatte.

Making Latte at Home with an AeroPress

You can quickly make a cup of latte through AeroPress by following the simple method below:

Step 1 – Use an Aeropress to Boil Water

AeroPress is a coffee making device particularly used to make the coffee stronger. Boil 1 to 2 cups of water for some time until you reach an ideal temperature between 175 degree and 195 degree Celsius which will help you make the perfect latte.

Step 2 – Filter the Aeropress

Add two AeroPress scoops of coffee and grind it using an electric grinder. Make sure that the grind is as fine as table salt or you won’t have an authentic taste. You have to grind it perfectly so that the grind doesn’t sticks together and make a clump. First assemble and later wet the filter in the AeroPress. Filtering will help to remove paper taste from the coffee and enrich the aroma.

Step 3 – Make the Coffee

Third step is to add the ground coffee using the funnel and hot water up to the fill line on the AeroPress. You can use a spoon or paddle stirrer to mix the water and coffee properly so that they blend together perfectly.

Step 4 – Insert the Plunger

Use the plunger and insert it into the Aeropress and press it down. Stop when you hear a long hiss. This is the last step of the process and your latte is ready to be served which is made without using any of the best espresso machines. Read this coffee maker review and you’d be happy to have this great coffee maker by Breville.

Making Latte using Aerolatte

Step 1 – Add Hot Milk to the Mug

For making delicious latte at home using Aerolatte, the first step is to fill hot milk to a third of high sided mug’s height. Use the Aerolatte frother to whisk the milk three or four times.

Step 2- Turn on the Aerolatte Frother

In step 2, you need to place the Aerolatte at the bottom of the mug in a slight angle. Now turn on the aerolatte frother. After turning it on, you will see creamy foam forming at the top.

Step 3- Move Aerolatte Frother

Next step after the creamy foam formed at the top is to move the Aerolatte up and down slowly repeatedly. Follow this action a few times until you see the milk froth at the top. Move the Aerolatte frother at the top once the foam becomes thick.

Step 4 – Coffee’s Ready

Turn off the Aerolatte frother and take it out slowly from the mug. Your coffee’s ready to be enjoyed with your friends and family. You can also add black cocoa or cinnamon at the top of your latte to make it look more attractive and to enhance the taste of the latte.

The Last Words

These are two great methods with which you can make a delicious cup of latte at home. You just need an AeroPress or AeroLatte with you and it is very simple to make a cup of latte. With the help of these methods, one can enjoy the same taste and quality of coffee made using the best espresso machines.