Guatemala Antigua Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Guatemalan Antigua Wholesale Coffee Beans

Origin: Central America

This product: Full, velvety body with a rich aroma and sweet taste. I suggest a light roast for best taste and enjoyment. This coffee roasted light will go great with most sweet deserts. Darker roasts in this origin tend to be carbony.

Coffee College 101:
If you are like most coffee drinkers, you probably think you are already getting an awesome cup of coffee. However odds are that you can probably still improve the quality by following these steps:

1. Purified Water at Precise Temperature

Fresh, clean tap water (purified is best) or quality spring water is recommended. Do not use mineral water, distilled water or tap water with any type of odor. It will make your coffee taste bad. The water should be between 195-205 degrees when ready to brew. At this temperature, the coffee will get proper extraction to optimize the flavor oils and caramelized sugars inside the coffee bean. This is hard to accomplish with most home brewers as the heating elements are not heat adjustable nor are they reliable to heat to the proper temperature at all. Good home coffee brewers will cost about $200 but are well worth it and last a lot longer. If you can, try the single cup pour over methods available or other brewing methods such as French press or siphon. The taste difference is remarkable. Google search each method for more information.

2. Brew Just Enough to Drink

Letting your brewed coffee sit waiting is not a good idea. And more so please do not let it sit on the hot plate! This is a good way to cook your coffee. Constant keep warm mode like this will make it taste bitter. If you have to brew more than one cup and are not going to finish is right away, get an air pot of air tight hot container to keep it in. Still drink it within an hour or so but it will buy your more time.

3. Let it Cool

By letting your coffee cool to about 170 degrees (for black coffee) you will not only avoid burning your mouth, you will also get a more enjoyable coffee experience because you will taste the true essence of what coffee is all about: the brightness, the chocolaty notes, the citrus notes, the spices. Its all there, get a little geeky! If you insist on pouring cream and sugar in your coffee, forget #7 and for #8 respectively!

4. Drink it Black

This is the coffee geek purist in me coming out! I used to drink my coffee with cream and sugar all the time until I got into the coffee business years ago. Society decided cream and sugar was the norm because of bad tasting coffee, not because coffee tastes bad. Coffee used to be bitter as a rule, but that was your fathers cup! Most likely the canned stuff from the grocery store. Ick! That is the old-school coffee made from Robusta beans, a low-grade coffee. Today the high quality coffee beans are called Arabica and you get them from coffee houses and artisan coffee roasters. When beans are blended and roasted properly black coffee is not bitter. It may take some getting used to but I assure you that you are missing a lot of great tasting coffee by adding cream and sugar!

5. Throw Out Any Leftover Brewed Coffee

This is part of 6 above, but deserves its own number. If you have brewed coffee left over past an hour in an airpot or air-tight container, throw it out. Brewed coffee has a life span as well and letting it cook itself in a container is not part of it.

6. Throw Out Any Leftover Coffee Beans

Ok let me clarify! By this I mean the coffee that is left over after 21 days. Coffee beans have a life span of approximately 21 days from the day it is roasted. I prefer to drink mine within 10 days but that is just the coffee geek again. If you can span your coffee for use within 21 days of the day its roasted you will get a better tasting and far more superior cup. I know, you are asking how do I know when my Seattles Best or Newmanis Own coffee beans were actually roasted Well, see #1 above for your answer.

7. Rinse and Repeat

That says it all! If you follow these steps I promise you will notice a more flavorful and tasty cup of brew!

Coffee Geek Stuff

We DO NOT recommend grinding your coffee beans until you are ready to brew. Roasted coffee is porous and will stale very fast after grinding. We recommend buying whole bean coffee.

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When you buy our wholesale coffee bulk, there isn’t any difference in the quality as if you bought it in 1lb bags. It’s all fresh and high quality Arabica coffee beans. So, let’s do business! Be sure to enjoy within 30 days of receiving it. Coffee will stale if not stored properly or used within our recommended time frame. See our coffee storage tips.