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Mexican Chiapas Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Mexican Chiapas Wholesale Coffee Beans

Origin: Mexico

This product: Light body with a bit of nuttiness. Suggest medium roast for best taste and enjoyment.

Coffee College 101:

England, Germany, Austria, Holland and France saw such controversy but coffee houses were quickly becoming quite popular. By the mid-17th century, London had over 300 coffee houses. In the mid-1600’s, coffee was brought to New York.

Coffee houses sprung up quickly in the New World but tea continued to be the favored drink. It was not until 1773 when the colonists revolted against a heavy tax on tea imposed by King George. This was known in history as the Boston Tea Party. This event changed the American drinking preference to coffee. How but that (Now you know why roasters today supply us with fresh roasted gourmet coffee. Someone else made us do it!) And it was not until the about 1960s that coffee houses began selling coffee beans.

In 1723, a young naval officer transported one seedling and planted it in Martinique. It is said to have thrived and is credited with the spread of over 18 million coffee trees on the island over the next 50 years. That is a lot of green coffee beans! The Caribbean, South and Central Americas trees bearing green coffee beans are said to have originated from its stock.

The emperor of French Guiana is said to have sent a man by the name of Francisco de Mello Palheta to the island of Martinique for the purpose of obtaining seedlings to bring to Brazil. Only thing was the French were not willing to share. It is said, however he was so handsome that the French Governor’s wife was captivated enough to give him a bouquet of flowers on his departure. Inside it is said that he found enough seeds to start what is today a billion-dollar industry in Brazil.

It took 100 years for coffee to establish itself as a commodity throughout the world. Many forms of travelers: traders, missionaries and colonists had continued to bring seedlings to new lands. New trees were grown the world over and coffee plantations were established. These plantations were in beautiful tropical forests and on rugged mountains. Some nations were born on these new economies and by the end of the 18th century coffee had become one of the world’s most profitable export crops.

Today, the gourmet coffee beans we all know are grown in many countries: Asia, Africa, Central or South America, the islands of the Caribbean or the Pacific. This also includes organic coffee. All coffee beans can trace their heritage to the trees in the ancient forests of Ethiopia. If it wasnt for Kaldi noticing his goats getting goofy, there just may not have been any fresh roasted gourmet coffee in the world today. Thank you Kaldi!

Coffee Geek Stuff:

We DO NOT recommend grinding your coffee beans until you are ready to brew. Roasted coffee is porous and will stale very fast after grinding. We recommend buying whole bean coffee.

With Troubadour Coffee Roasting Co., you can buy the best fresh roasted gourmet coffee anywhere. In our opinion, there isn’t a better place to buy coffee or that will sell coffee wholesale.

Every order is roasted to order. Nothing is sitting around a warehouse waiting to be sent out. Be assured your satisfaction is important to us. We package and heat seal all of our gourmet coffee beans in a poly or foil bag with a one way valve to keep air out but also to let CO2 gasses out of the package. This helps to keep your product fresh.

In our opinion and we are slightly biased, Troubadour Coffee: where to buy wholesale coffee beans.The best place for fresh roasted artisan coffee.

When you buy our wholesale coffee bulk, there isn’t any difference in the quality as if you bought it in 1lb bags. It’s all fresh and high quality Arabica coffee beans. So, let’s do business! Be sure to enjoy within 30 days of receiving it. Coffee will stale if not stored properly or used within our recommended time frame. See our coffee storage tips.

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